Celebrate the Beethoven’s 250th birthday!

250. Geburtstag Ludwig van Beethoven | © GCH Hotel Group

In 2020 Beethoven’s birth city Bonn is celebrating the composer’s 250th birthday! Throughout this year of Beethoven there will be classical concerts and exhibitions, and many more events to mark this important date. The official celebrations will occur from 6th September 2019 to 17th December 2020.

The best of Beethoven - all year long

The pianist and composer Ludwig van Beethoven who lived during the 18th and 19th centuries, was acting and thinking in a very advanced way for his time. His influence on the realization of a social and cultural change was expressed by his artistic innovations. Once in a while he expressed his inner thoughts and feelings in a strong but radical and sometimes uncompromising way. He was born as the son of the singer and music teacher Johann van Beethoven. The young Ludwig followed his father’s footprints; however, he became much more famous than him. Reasoned by Ludwig van Beethoven the era of the ´Vienna classic´ reached its peak and levelled off the basics for the musician era of Romantic. Step by step he sadly lost his ability to hear which caused him to become depressed. Nevertheless, after a while he started to focus on composing, for example the Symphonies 1-9. Even today his music has a huge influence on modern music and artists.

The 250th birthday celebrations of Beethoven, in his hometown Bonn, start with an opening ceremony. It will occur from 6th to 8th of September 2019. You will be able to listen to stunning concerts of the London Symphony Orchestra or to a solo performance of Lisa Batiashvili. They will present pieces such as the Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125, Currentzis or The Moonlight Sonata.

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The best opportunity to stay in Bonn during the celebration year is the Mercure Hotel Bonn Hardtberg. The hotel, which is located in the southwest of the city, is close to the inner city and concert venues. It takes just ten minutes to traditional coffee houses in the old town of Bonn. The house, where Ludwig van Beethoven lived the first few years of his life, is also not far. From the hotel you have a stunning view all over the city as well as the Rhine Valley. To get to the airport of Cologne you have to take the highway 61 and 565, and it just takes you about 25 minutes. For those travelling by train, the main station is seven kilometers from the Mercure Hotel Bonn Hardtberg. From there you have to take public transport (bus or tram) to reach your final destination. The hotel includes 142 hotel rooms, a terrace and pool.

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Events during the Beethoven year 2020

date event location
06.-08.09.2020 Opening Event 2019 Marketplace, 53133 Bonn
10.09.2019 old "new" music Little Beethoven Hall, 53177 Bonn
26.09.2019 the "Moonlight Sonata" World Conference Center Bonn, 53113 Bonn
28.10.2019 Monday Concert 1 Beethoven Orchestra Bonn Beethoven-house, 53111 Bonn
16.11.2019 Limitless 1 Beethoven Orchestra Bonn Telekom Forum, 53227 Bonn
21.12.2019 Beethoven marathon- all nine Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg, 53639 Königswinter
10.01.2020 Friday Concert 5 Beethoven Orchestra Bonn Opera Bonn, 53111 Bonn
22.02.2020 Sir Simon Rattle and the London Symphony Orchestra Opera Bonn, 53111 Bonn
20.03.2020 Friday Concert 6 Beethoven Orchestra Bonn Opera Bonn, 53111 Bonn
21.03.2020 The Ninth Opera Bonn, 53111 Bonn
19.04.2020 guest performance Vienna, Beethoven Orchestra Bonn Music Union Vienna, 1010 Vienna, Austria
23.05.2020 "The Creation" (Joseph Haydn) University Bonn/ assembly hall, 53113 Bonn
08.08.2020 The Nine Maritim Hotel Bonn, 53175 Bonn
17.12.2020 Conclusion Concert "Ode of Joy around the Globe” Opera Bonn, 53111 Bonn
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