Things to do in Bonn, Germany

Discover the former capital city of Germany: Bonn

Bonn ist the origin of the famous musician Ludwig van Beethoven, a city of science, culture and art and an important industrial location. Not to forget: For 40 years, Bonn was the capital city of the Federal Republic of Germany. International campanies such as the head quaters of Deutsche Post and Deutsche Telekom are located here. As residence of the UNO and federal miniteries Bonn is important all around the world.

Cultural program for your city trip to Bonn  

The university town Bonn is located on the bank of the Rhine and has various cultural attractions to offer. One of them is the so-called museum-mile near the former government district. Near the Mercure Hotel Bonn Hardtberg, you will find a big art and exhibition hall with various exhibitions. Furthermore, there is an Museum of Art with a lot of known masterpieces made by artists with international reputation. The House of German History conveys the history of Germany after World War II in an interactive way. Each summer, there are concerts on the plaza between the museums.


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